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December 31st, 2016

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Vermicomposting Trench Questions

Questions from Diego:

I just moved in to a house with an untreated clay soil yard. I’m modifying it and I already have the Composting Trench ready for the worms.

Yet, as I have some grass clippings laying around the Trench, will the worms get out of the Trench to feed them elsewhere?

Other question:
I’m going to buy 100 worms for a 3 foot deep 4 square meter trench, would those 100 worms be enough to give birth to more worms within that space?

Hi Diego,

For most vermicomposting trenches I would recommend Red Worms (Eisenia fetida/andrei). They are very versatile (tolerant of a wide range of conditions, easy to work with etc), and well-suited for composting environments. In other words, they are going to get the job done – but will only tend to concentrate in areas where there are very rich organic waste deposits. You might find some under old heaps of rotten grass clippings (etc), but the vast majority of them will stay in your trench, assuming you continue to add food for them.

One thing I should mention is that (more…)

Written by Bentley on December 31st, 2016 with no comments.
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