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January 12th, 2018

You are currently browsing the articles from Red Worm Composting written on January 12th, 2018.

Walnut Shells and Banana Peels?

In the spirit of continuing to dust off long lost RWC experiments (I swear I feel more like an archaeologist than a vermicomposter half the time! lol)…

Near the end of January 2017 I set up a small experimental zip lock bag system using walnut shells as a main bedding/food material. Then…wait for it…I basically forgot all about it for the better part of a year. (Shocking, I know! 😉 )

Well, just before the Christmas holiday, for whatever reason I started thinking about vermicomposting walnut shells again – and I decided to start up a bigger, “fancier” experimental system. We’ll talk more about that in a minute.

Of course, it only made sense that I should (more…)

Written by Bentley on January 12th, 2018 with 9 comments.
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Tiny Worm Rehab – 1-12-18

Back at the end of September, I “rescued” a batch of ridiculously badly neglected worms. Approximately half of them went into my “Tea Bag Vermicomposting bin“. The other “half” went into what I referred to as the “Tiny Red Worm Rehab” bin.

ALL of them ended up getting totally neglected…uhhhhgain!

In the case of the rehab bin, the effects of the (~ 3 month) neglect period were particularly pronounced because A) very little food was added to this system early on, and B) unlike the tea bag vermicomposting system, this bin ONLY had a loose garbage bag as a “lid” (whereas the tea bag system has a garbage bag AND a regular plastic lid).

SO…I wasn’t too surprised to find lots of (more…)

Written by Bentley on January 12th, 2018 with 2 comments.
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