March 9, 2018

Urban Worm Bag – Getting Started

Yesterday was my birthday and I must say that being able to spend most of the day immersed in vermicomposting “stuff” (and then hanging out with my fam in the evening) made it that much better!

One of my activities involved setting up my new Urban Worm Bag.

As alluded to (I think) in my last UWB post, I decided to take down my Worm Inn mega system ahead of time, so that left me with some available space for the UWB in the corner of my basement bathroom (something I am very happy about since my basement is very cramped at the moment).

So let’s get down to business here…

I decided to set up my UWB using a very similar approach to how I would set up a Worm Inn. First, I started with my “false bottom”. I am actually really starting to like the special pocket in the bottom of the UWB, since it serves as the perfect little receptable for my first layer of dry shredded cardboard. This zone should help to soak up any liquid that happens to trickle down into the bottom.

People often wonder if (more…)

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