April 13, 2018

[UWB – Day 36] – Sorry Mr. Toad!

It is with a midly-heavy heart that I must inform the RWC community that Mr. Toad (or “Ted” as I had wanted to call him) has officially “left the building” – he is no longer a resident of my Urban Worm Bag (I can almost hear the worm and critter cheers).

I’m happy to report that he is alive and well, now living in a one-bedroom clear salad container, with recently installed skylights, wading pool, bedding, a cardboard tube, and a springtail-infested apple core.


OK ok – I do feel a bit guilty about this. He basically went from living in Toad Mansion (with 24 hour all-you-can-eat buffet) to a plastic prison cell…but alas, it had to be done! (more…)

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Non-Aerated Castings Tea – 4-13-18

This is a very quick update to let everyone know that I had to get rid of the bags in my amended tea treatment earlier this week. They just continued to stink more and more (yep even “sealed” inside ziplocks), to the point where I was concerned the smells would start wafting into the rest of the house.

Needless to say this “tea” was pretty foul stuff by that point, so I can only imagine (more…)

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