May 3, 2018

Urban Worm Bag – Day 56

Things have continued to chug along with my Urban Worm Bag in the (nearly) 3 weeks since my last update.

I actually didn’t end up adding any food during this period – until today (more on that in a minute). This is one part “laziness” (aka focus on other things), and one part limited supply. It has become pretty clear that the system could easily handle our total kitchen scrap waste stream, and then some.

I’ve used up the bags of frozen scraps I had in my basement freezer, so now it is a matter of waiting until my holding bin (under sink) is full, letting the scraps freeze for a period of time, thawing them out, then feeding.

From a waste-handling perspective, I suppose it’s one of those “good problems to have”.

The worm zone currently feels pretty overloaded with (more…)

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