January 8, 2019

Cocoon Production in Different Materials – Day 21

I guess it’s been almost 21 days since my last blog post, since the one before this was my original post in this series! lol


I have some interesting results to share from my Tiny Tub 4-Worm Cocoon Production experiment! Just to quickly review – back in late December, I set up 3 little systems using sour cream tubs, and added 4 “breeder” Red Worms to each of them. One of the tubs had only aged manure as the habitat/food material, another one had wood chips (with leaves chipped in as well) + a small amount of the manure, while the third contained shredded corrugated cardboard + a small amount of the manure (same amount as in wood chip bin).

The basic idea was to see how cocoon production differed between the systems over time.

I ended up doing an assessment on Day 10 (and shared the results with the email list – but not here on the blog).

Here are the cocoon count numbers for Day 10: (more…)

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