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Bentley Christie

Bentley Christie – who never ceases to be amazed (and amused) by the number of people who call him “Christie Bentley” – has from a very young age been fascinated with a wide array of earthly creatures, and the natural systems they inhabit.

Throughout his childhood it was never a question of IF he would become a biologist when he “grew up”; it was more a matter of deciding exactly what type of biologist he would become!

One year his plans might include eventually becoming an ornithologist, while the next it could just as easily be an ichthyologist or perhaps even a herpetologist. The only thing abundantly clear by the time he reached university was that biology was the only major that could possibly help him get started in the right direction!

Well, he never did really grow up (thank goodness), and a permanent career in biology didn’t come to pass, but his child-like enthusiasm for the natural world continues to this day, and plays an important role in the way he lives his life .

One of Bentley’s favourite hobbies since his mid-twenties has been vermicomposting – about which he has received an inordinate amount of gentle teasing from family and friends. Unphased, he presses on in pursuit of the perfect worm composting system – always more than happy to share the virtues of his passion with anyone willing to listen (or read).

Bentley currently lives with his wife, two kids, one cat and a bazillion earthworms in rural Southwestern Ontario (Canada, eh!), and can easily be reached via E-Mail.


  1. I LOVE that you started this up and have had such a passion for it over all this time. I also LOVE the fact that there is someone else on the planet like my husband.

    He is absolutely crazy about these worms. I think they are fantastic in that they help take care of bunnie poo (we have over 50 plus at the moment) and all the other goodies we give them, but he has taken it to a whole new level. More levels are coming. I’m sure your wife feels the same way I do. “Fine, fine sweetie” “ok hon” (eyes rolling) and the never far behind “Oh no you don’t!” (he’s trying to take over my entire studio – and thinks the dehumidifier on for ONLY a few hours makes it feel less tropical in there, HAH! – I say it needs to be on for at least 12, energy costs be damned. So much for being ecologically smart *grumble*)


    Thanks Bentley, you are a charming and quite hilarious roll model in this household.

    Merry Christmas,


    • Bentley
    • December 26, 2009

    Wow, Christine – thanks for the kind words (such a nice Christmas present!)
    As I’ve told Joel already, it is great to be connected with you guys.
    I love what you are doing already, and look forward to working with you more closely to help Joel with his “whole new level”

    Having a partner who keeps us grounded, yet still able to follow our passions is the ultimate gift – and I guarantee that both of us are VERY grateful!
    Thanks again

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