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I decided to create a special page where free Red Worm Composting guides can be found. There should be quite a few guides/reports added here over time, so stay tuned (and make sure you are on the main RWC e-mail listalso a great way to get access to some other free resources – so you can stay in the loop)!

Living Material – This report looks at the wonderful, earthy, beneficial-microbe-packed material I refer to as “living material” (amazing stuff for helping to make your vermicomposting efforts that much more effective).

Worm Inns – This is a long-overdue look at my favorite home vermicomposting system. If you own one already, or are just interested in learning more about Worm Inns, be sure to check it out!

RWC Guide to Vermicomposting – This one is currently reserved for RWC e-mail list subscribers only (but this may change). You can sign up for the RWC email list >>HERE<<. Creatures of the Worm Bin – COMING SOON!


Easy Vermicomposting Course – In-depth audio (primarily) course, exploring all the ins and outs of effective vermicomposting.

VermBin Series Plans Package – This package includes plans for the VermBin DIY flow-through beds (VB24, VB48, VB96) + a separate DIY Compost Tumbler building package.

Worm Profits Course – Learn how to raise worms for (fun and) profit! The course is in the process of being revamped – stay tuned!

Worm Farming Alliance – Originally started as a community and educational resource for entrepreneurial vermicomposters, it is now on its way to becoming a major networking & education hub for serious vermicomposters (amateurs and pros alike).

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