The VermBin Series Plans Package

Professional Vermicomposting, at Home
Easy-to-Build DIY Flow-Through Worm Bins

I Had a Dream…

For many years I day-dreamed about the sort of “ultimate” home-scale vermicomposting bin that I would love to own and use. I was inspired by the large-scale “flow-through reactors” used by industry pros. It was clear that these were the best of the best in the world of vermicomposting. The problem, of course, is that these systems are very large (and very expensive). Not ideal for the average home-owner like me.

I thought of various ways to construct a much more compact version of this type of bed. But the sad truth is I’m “all thumbs”. Even if I had been able to create a workable design, my chances of actually building it would have been slim to none. Teaming up with a skilled DIYer seemed like the next logical step, but I just couldn’t seem to connect with anyone who had a real interest in my vision! Multiple promising starts ended up fizzling out over time.

And Then I Met Joe…

Joe Denial is what you might call a “Jack-of-all-Trades”. Originally trained (and employed) as a technical illustrator, he ended up in graphic design & advertising, before settling on home remodeling as his chosen career. Somewhere along the way he also happened to develop an interest in vermicomposting.

Back in the spring of 2011, Joe ordered a bunch of worms and sent me friendly emails to share what he was doing. One of his early projects involved the construction of a large flow-through vermicomposting bed – what would eventually become known as the “VermBin96”. Just for kicks and giggles, he decided to create some diagrams, take some photos and then send me a PDF copy to see what I thought.

When I saw Joe had done I was completely floored! If anyone could help me bring my “ultimate” bin to fruition, this was the guy! I immediately asked Joe if he had an interest in teaming up. Thankfully he said yes and, well, here we are! 🙂

The VermBin24 was Born!

The VermBin24 (VB24) is a single-compartment, flow-through bin designed for those who want to experience the joys of truly effective vermicomposting, without the need to buy or build a professional system.

It’s small enough to fit in a wide range of indoor or outdoor locations, but still larger than most typical “worm bins”. So it offers serious waste processing potential.

I knew Joe was good, but he completely exceeded my expectations by creating a set of plans that are laid out in a clear, easy to follow manner, and a beautiful flow-through bin that doesn’t require professional building skills (or many hundreds of dollars) to construct!

The feedback we’ve received already has been amazing! One of our customers, Neal (“from Maryland”), was so pumped up about his VB24 building experience that he even decided to document the process and create a photo-journal that could be shared with fellow VermBin plan owners! (Now available for download in the member’s area)

“What’s So Great About Single-Compartment Flow-Through Bins?”


Faster Waste Processing

Flow-through systems help to optimize the vermicomposting process largely due to the excellent air flow. The result – faster creation of castings.


Easier Harvesting of Worm Castings

As new materials are added over time the worms continue to migrate upwards, away from their own wastes. Castings are removed from the bottom. Easy peasy.


Better Quality Worm Castings

Unlike the sludge often found in bottom of regular worm bins, the vermicompost in decent flow-through systems is properly stabilized (more oxygen = more effective process).


Healthier Worm Population

Worms aren’t forced to live in their own (often anaerobic) wastes. They can continue moving upwards towards the best feeding zones and zones with higher oxygen levels.


K.I.S.S. at Its Best!

No more dealing with different trays, or dealing with time-consuming and messy “dump and sort” operations. Add wastes up top, then harvest worm castings from the bottom (once ready).

The VermBin Series Plans Package

Here’s What You Get:

1) VB24 Plans & User Guide

  • System Specs
  • Supply list
  • Step-by-step illustrated instructions for building your own VermBin24 system

2) Neil’s VB24 Photo Journal

Neil “from Maryland”, a self-described non-DIYer decided to build himself a VB24 based on the plans.

He was so excited that he decided to document the entire process and share it with other VermBin members!

3) VB48/VB96 Upgrade Guide

Joe’s very first prototype was actually a VB96 – a system basically 4x bigger than the VB24!

This guide contains the key info you need to build the larger (VB48 and VB96) systems – **PLUS some very important VB24 corrections**.

4) Bentley’s VB48 Experience

It took me a while to get to it, but I eventually built my very own VermBin – a VB48! (And my daughter did a great job of making it look pretty – lol)

I veered from Joe’s plans somewhat, and over the years I have definitely used the system differently than most people.

I put this guide together to share my experience.

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Some DIY Skills (and Tools) are Required

VermBins are fairly easy to build (if I can build one, most people can build one!) but they do require some basic DIY skills and tools. It’s also important to keep in mind that there is a good chance you will need to spend money on building supplies (total costs can vary widely).

“…far better than the plastic tubs I was using previously.”

“I have been using my Vermbin 48 for over a year now and absolutely love it.
It is far better than the plastic tubs I was using previously.

I love your website. I have read every single entry.”

Clarence Newman

Kansas USA

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~ Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie

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