September 2020

WFA vs CGU vs EWB vs PWG vs EWF?

UPDATE SPRING 2023: I’ve put together a dedicated listing for all my main educational products (but this blog post still contains helpful information about the differences between various packages).

People who get really interested in vermicomposting/vermiculture will often hear about paid courses and memberships available to help them take things to the next level. Trying to figure out how exactly these resources differ from one another, and who exactly they are designed for can sometimes be challenging.

I decided to create this post to help clarify the difference between four five such resources: 1) The Worm Farming Alliance (WFA), 2) Compost Guy Ultimate (CGU), 3) Elite Worm Breeding (EWB), 4) Professional Worm Growing Secrets (PWGS), and 5) Easy Worm Farming (EWF).

Full Disclosure – I am financially connected to ALL these resources, either as product owner/partner or as an affiliate (meaning I can potentially earn commissions for referrals), but my purpose here is to help people make an educated buying decision – i.e. to make sure people only invest in the product(s) that make(s) the most sense for their own situation (goals, interests, resources, available time etc).

The “10,000 Foot View” – for those of you in a hurry – here are the key differences between these 4 5 products.

Worm Farming Alliance (WFA) – COMMUNITY-based. Great choice for those wanting to learn directly from (and just generally connect with) others in the industry. $67 – lifetime

Compost Guy Ultimate (CGU) – EDUCATION-based. This is a collection of educational products relating to worm composting/farming. If you are a fan of this (Red Worm Composting) blog and my newsletter this could be a good choice for you. $47 – lifetime

Elite Worm Breeding (EWB) – This resource combines education AND community, but is very focused on the topic of bulk worm growing (and cocoon production). If you are serious about growing worms to sell (by pound or count) – especially with limited space available – this could be a good choice. $199 – lifetime (discounts available – see full description below)

Professional Worm Growing Secrets (PWGS) – eBook focused on worm breeding methods of highly successful Australian worm farmer, George Mingin. Includes my original “Worm Profits” audio course (somewhat out of date, but still lots of good evergreen info). $19.

Easy Worm Farming (EWF) – This package offers the most up-to-date look at how I produce and sell composting worm starter cultures (aka “Worm Mix”). It includes an eBook (with quick-start guide), an educational e-mail series, and a web business training section, among other resources. $27.


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