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For nearly 13 years I sold composting worms from the Red Worm Composting website by partnering with top notch U.S. drop-shippers for order fulfillment (I’m in Canada, but have a mostly-American audience).

This has worked out very well – I’ve been lucky enough to partner with good people selling high-quality worms and I’ve ended up with a lot of happy customers as a result – but I’ve reached the point where I want to simplify things even more.

** From now on I will be referring people directly to my supplier, Meme’s Worms (in Georgia). **

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Meme’s was started by my friend Samantha Flowers only a few short years ago (as I type this) – but she has done an amazing job of building up a top notch worm business offering high quality worms and great customer service!

I am now using the Meme’s referral program – so when you click through the links here and buy worms on the Meme’s website I should earn a commission.

So, if you would like to continue supporting my work, please do continue to use my referral links when making your worm purchases!

I consider this a win/win/win scenario, since it will be a lot easier for me, a lot easier for Samantha – and customers “win” by getting a better deal, getting updates directly from Meme’s, and being able to order larger quantities of worms than I’ve been selling here!

NOTE: While I will no longer provide shipping/tracking info for these orders (Meme’s will send it directly to you and will field support emails), I am still more than happy to help all my referrals with their vermicomposting efforts!

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND1) Meme’s worms ship only ONCE per week (EARLY in the week) – Samantha’s order deadline for a given shipping week is the Friday prior (so please make sure your order is in by Friday at 6 pm EST if you want the worms the next week). Sometimes, early-Saturday orders are included – but this is not guaranteed.

2) As touched on, if you have any questions about the order itself, please e-mail Meme’s (NOT me) – you can find contact info at the bottom of the Meme’s site. This is especially important if there is a problem with the worms (you must get in touch with Meme’s within a few hours of receiving your worms).

Any general questions relating to vermicomposting – I am happy to help with!

3) *** At this time, Meme’s can ONLY ship to continental USA addresses ***

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