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As the name implies, this page is dedicated to connecting readers with some of the more popular topics on the blog. These are generally topics that have drawn a lot of comments and/or emails, and just generally those I feel are important for people to be aware of. Just like everything else on the site, this is a work-in-progress, and will certainly change a fair amount over time. If you have any suggestions for how to improve it and/or topics you’d like to see included in general, be sure to let me know. One thing I’d like to do before too long is add descriptions for each section, to provide people with a quick and dirty overview of the topic.

Here are the topics so far:

Worm Inn Overfeeding Challenge | Vermiponics | Mark’s OSCR
Harvesting Vermicompost | Vermicomposting Trenches | Worm Bin Mites
Fruit Flies & Fungus Gnats | ‘Homemade Manure’ | Pet Waste Vermicomposting | Winter Worm Composting | The 50 Cocoon Challenge
Four Worm Reproduction Experiment | Coffee Cup Challenge

Worm Inn Overfeeding Challenge

**IMPORTANT** – This “overfeeding” series is for entertainment purposes only. I definitely DO NOT recommend that anyone adds these amounts of food waste to a small worm composting system (especially NOT enclosed plastic bins)

Worm Inn Journal-02-21-10
Worm Inn Journal-02-23-10
Worm Inn Journal-02-25-10
Worm Inn Journal-03-09-10
Worm Inn Journal-03-25-10
Worm Inn Journal-04-09-10
Worm Inn Journal-05-13-10

Mini VermiPonics System
VermiPonics System – 02-09-10
VermiPonics System – 02-12-10
VermiPonics System-02-19-10
VermiPonics System-03-08-10
VermiPonics System-03-10-10
Outdoor Vermiponics-04-26-10
Outdoor Vermiponics System

Mark’s OSCR
Mark and his OSCR Worm Bin
Mark’s OSCR Videos – Part I
Mark’s OSCR Videos – Part II
Mark’s OSCR Videos – Part III
Some Worm Composting Photos
Mark’s OSCR – 12-04-09
Mark’s OSCR – 12-14-09
Mark’s OSCR – 12-16-09
Mark’s OSCR Videos – 12-22-09
Mark’s OSCR – 01-08-10
Mark’s Kansas Winter Worm Report
Mark’s OSCR – 01-13-10
Mark’s OSCR – 01-25-10
Harvesting Red Worms
Mark’s OSCR-06-11-10

Harvesting Vermicompost
Garbage Bag Harvesting Method
DIY Worm Harvester
John’s Homemade Worm Harvester
The Super Simple Ultra Basic Worm Harvesting Tube
SSUBWHT – Update #1
David’s Tub Harvesting Method
Turbo Light Harvesting Method
Harvesting My Worm Factory 360
John’s Passive Worm Harvester

Vermicomposting Trenches
The Vermicomposting Trench
The Vermicomposting Trench – Part II
Zucchini Recipes, Anyone?
Vermicomposting Trench Wrap-Up
Worm Composting Trench Question
Vermicomposting Trenches – 2009
Enemy #1 – The American Robin (Turdus migratorius)
In the Night Garden
Vermicomposting Trenches – 2009 – Update
Vermicomposting Trench Video
Vermicomposting Trenches 2010
Vermicomposting Trenches – Revisited

Worm Bin Mites
A Mite is a Mite is a Mite? Not Quite!
Worm Bin Mites
My New Toy – Eyeclops Bionic Eye
Symptoms of a ‘Sour’ Worm Bin
From Bad to Worse – Sour Worm Bin Decline
Getting Rid of Worm Bin Mites
Tiny White Things in Worm Bin
Little White Worm Eggs?
Tiny Red ‘Bugs’ in Worm Bin
Controlling Mites in a Worm Bin
Parasitic Worm Bin Mites?

Fruit Flies & Fungus Gnats
Pesky Worm Bin Varmints – Fruit Flies
Fungus Gnats in Worm Compost Bins
Steinernema feltiae – Fungus Gnat Killer
Steinernema feltiae VS The Fruit Flies
Reader Questions – 08-27-08
Steinernema feltiae and Red Worms
Fly Paper – A Must-Have Vermicomposting Tool
Diverse Compost Ecosystem – Protection From Fruit Flies?
Toad Fruit Fly Trap
Getting Rid of Fruit Flies and Fungus Gnats

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‘Homemade Manure’
Homemade Manure
Homemade Manure Mania
Homemade Manure Revisited
Homemade Manure Video
Do Worms Like Homemade Manure?

Pet Waste Vermicomposting
Dog Boo in the Worm Bin?
Cat Litter Vermicomposting
Cat Litter Composting – Update
Cat Litter Composting – 12-02-08
Cat Litter Composting – 01-05-09
Cat Litter Composting – 08-07-09
Winter Cat Litter Composting Bed
Winter Cat Litter Composting – 12-09-09
Cat Litter Composting-04-30-10

Winter Worm Composting
Winter Composting Extravaganza 2.0
Winter Worm Composting – 12-08-08
Winter Worm Composting – 12-15-08
Winter Worm Composting – 12-30-08
Winter Worm Composting – 01-23-09
Winter Worm Composting – 02-09-09
Winter Worm Composting – 02-23-09
Winter Worm Composting Wrap-Up 2009
Heating a Small Worm Bin in the Winter
More on Small Winter Worm Bins
Winter Worm Composting Windrow
Winter Worm Bin Heating – A Novel (and Festive?) Approach
Winter Worm Windrow – 12-03-09
Winter Worm Windrow – 12-09-09
Winter Worm Windrow – 01-12-10
Winter Worm Windrow – 01-13-10
Winter Worm Windrow – 01-16-10
Winter Worm Windrow – 01-20-10
Winter Worm Windrow – 01-27-10
Winter Worm Windrow – 02-12-10
Winter Worm Windrow–02-22-10
Winter Worm Windrow–03-08-10
Cold Weather Vermicomposting Questions Answered

The 50 Cocoon Challenge
The 50 Cocoon Challenge
50 Cocoon Challenge – Update #1
50 Cocoon Challenge – Update #2
50 Cocoon Challenge – Update #3
50 Cocoon Challenge – Horse Manure
50 Cocoon Challenge – Update #4
50 Cocoon Challenge – Horse Manure – Update
50 Cocoon Challenge Updates
50 Cocoon Challenge Wrap-Up

Four Worm Reproduction Experiment
Four Worm Reproduction Experiment
Four Worm Experiment Update
4 Worm Update – First Cocoon!
Four Worm Update
Mating Red Worms
Fungus Gnat Invasion
Four Worm Reproduction Experiment Wrap-up
Four Worm Reproduction Experiment – Part Deux
Four Worm Update – 12-17-09
Four Worm Update – 01-06-10
Four Worm Update – 02-16-10
Four Worm Update-06-23-10

Coffee Cup Challenge
Coffee Cup Challenge – Day 0
Coffee Cup Challenge – Day 6
Coffee Cup Challenge – Day 17
Coffee Cup Challenge – Day 33
Coffee Cup Challenge – Day 36
Coffee Cup Challenge – Day 75: It’s a Wrap!

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