Winter Worm Windrow – 01-20-10

Not too shabby!

Just a quick winter worm composting update (hopefully everyone isn’t getting sick of these!). Things have continued to warm up in the windrow, with some zones actually borderline HOT. It always amazes me what can be done with a relatively small amount of waste and some good insulation! Oh, and a black tarp never hurts! haha!

Yes, today is sunny, so that is certainly contributing, but the bed has been on an upward trend in general so I’m happy about that.

I recently obtained a decent amount of horse manure, and I’ve started adding that (a couple of small buckets) to the cooler end of the bed. I dug around a bit more today in an effort to find worms, but I’m still not seeing all that many. I’m sure the rope lights have contributed to this, but I’ve now unplugged them so hopefully more worms will feel comfortable moving up in the bed.

Still lots of work to do in order to get this bed in really good shape – but we certainly seem to be making good progress so far!

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