Red Worm Composting – Welcome!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Bentley (“Compost Guy”) Christie and I’ve been a crazed worm composting fanatic (or “vermiholic” if you prefer) for nearly 20 yrs now. I started this website back in 2007 with the simple intention of sharing my passion with the world. So far so good! Things have certainly progressed since the early days, though, and the website has provided me with an amazing opportunity to get to know a LOT of other “worm heads” from across North America and around the world!


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10 Worm Challenge – 2020 Reboot!

Back in November I started a brand new “tiny tub” Red Worm population growth project (see “10 Worm Population Growth Challenge“)…

…only to watch as it turned into a complete and utter failure (see “10 Worm Challenge (FAIL) Update“). lol

The important thing is that I learned from the experience, licked my wounds…and now – rather fittingly in the new year – have finally made a fresh start (yesterday was “Day 0”)!

I THINK things will go differently this time around (certainly hope so anyway – or I might start to wonder about these 20 years I now have under my belt).

In some ways I am keeping things (more…)

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“Creepy” Compost Guy Christmas Companion?

I’ve had a lot of fun, interesting and, well – downright bizarre e-mail exchanges with worm folk over the years, but a message I received from Daisy W. back at the end of November may now reign supreme in all 3 categories!

Here is what she had to say:

This is going to sound weird – and of course you can decline. My husband is a big fan and follows your YouTube channel religiously. Often while he talks about his bajillion worms, he’ll refer to you and “what Bentley the compost guy says.”

I saw this Groupon today of a company that makes pillows out of people’s faces. For a little Christmas gag gift for him, I’d like to have this a pillow made of your face…


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10 Worm Challenge (FAIL) Update

Earlier this week, I was reminded of the fact that just because I have 20 years of vermicomposting experience under my belt it doesn’t mean it’s always going to be smooth sailing.

I had high hopes for my “10 Worm Population Grow Challenge” – but alas, it went south in a hurry. I guess if there is a positive – apart from some important lessons I’ll share a bit later – it’s that it was a “fail fast” scenario, giving me the opportunity to potentially get a new project going without losing too much time.

So, what happened?!

Right off the bat, let me justify the (poor) results a little bit by saying that (more…)

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Breathable Bucket Bin #1 – Update

Yesterday I (finally) decided to conduct a proper assessment of my original “Super Simple Breathable Bucket Worm Bin“, and I figured catching all the exciting action (haha) on camera might not be a bad idea either.

I have checked on the bucket here and there since starting it up back in the middle of October. I have also fed a couple of times since the initial-set-up. But this was the first time digging all the way down to see how things were coming along in the lower reaches.

Right off the bat, I mention (in video) that (more…)

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10 Worm Population Growth Challenge

Most long-term readers of this site will know that the topic of Red Worm population growth is something I’m keenly interested in.

It all started with the original “Four Worm Reproduction Experiment” (and the “Part Deux” sequel – lol).

Next, I decided to tackle the question of “Will a Red Worm Population Double in 3 Months?” by doing some number crunching with population growth stats shared by my good friend George Mingin. (Spoiler Alert – under the right circumstances, a Red Worm population should be expected to expand MUCH more quickly than simply doubling every 90, or even 60 days).

Late last year (and early into 2019) a cocoon-production experiment evolved into yet another “4 Worm” population growth trial. As was the case with the other experiments, I wasn’t able to do quite as much with it as I’d originally hoped – but given the fact that (on average) I already had more than (more…)

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Breathable Bucket System #2

Back at the end of October, I posted an update for my breathable bucket vermicomposting system (see “Breathable Bucket Bin – 10-31-19“) – making it very clear just how impressed I was with it.

We shall see how things look in a couple of months, but my inner optimist has me thinking this may very well end up being my new go-to DIY indoor system approach (sorry, Roughneck Totes).

In the meantime, my plan is to set up a mini fleet of these things so I can really put them to the test!

This morning I decided to set up breathable bucket #2 using (more…)

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Breathable Bucket Bin – 10-31-19

A little over two weeks ago I set up a brand worm bin using a bucket with some handy dandy bottle-top air vents, inspired by Mark Paine’s “vernmenting” systems.

Last week I posted a video showing how the vents were installed, and the system was set-up using worm-rich material from my “comfrey and cardboard” experiment bin.

So far I have been absolutely thrilled with this system!

My workmanship with the vents wasn’t exactly world class (lol) – and I wasn’t sure if my fabric lid secured by an elastic would actually keep pests out – so I was pretty worried when (more…)

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