Worm Composting Interviews

I thought it might be helpful to make a page where you can access all of our interviews in one place (I’ve simply linked to the interview blog posts). I’m hoping to continue interviewing people involved in worm farming/composting, so this page should continue to grow over time. I have ordered them in reverse chronological order, so the most recent interviews will appear first.

George Mingin (Kookaburra Worm Farms)

Cristy Christie (SLO County Worms – Black Diamond Vermicompost)

Maria Rodriguez (Byoearth)

Heather Rinaldi (Texas Worm Ranch)

Allison Jack (Cornell University)

Peter Bogdanov (Vermico) – Part I, Part II

Tom Herlihy (RT Solutions/Worm Power)

Dennis Copson (Nature’s Big Bud)

Cathy Nesbitt (Cathy’s Crawly Composters)

Jack Chambers (Sonoma Valley Worm Farm): Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V

Gerry Baker (Worm Factory)


  1. Hey,
    Me and my dad have just started a vericomposting system and i was wondering, is it ok to feed our worms bell peppers? I saw it is ok to feed them a little bit of peppers but i wasnt sure whether it was talking about like hot peppers or all types of peppers (including bell peppers).

    • Bentley
    • January 11, 2009

    Hi Nicholas,
    Peppers are definitely A-OK in a worm bin. It is indeed hot peppers that can create issues due to the compounds they contain.


    • May 1, 2009

    Has anyone fed garlic to night crawlers, and if so do they end up smelling like garlic ?

    • Larry Phillips
    • January 29, 2011

    Larry Phillips
    #4. January 29th, 2011, at 2:32 AM.

    I just started a compost bin and would like to know the ideal PH. I want to add some worms to it and also would like to know what is the best kind for this bin. I also raise daylilies in raised beds and want to add worms to these and also wonder the best kind for these beds. I live just south of Houston,Tx and would really like to find a worm grower close to me. I would like to hear from someone about these concerns.
    Thanks and I would really appreciat hearing from you,
    Larry Phillips

    • Adam
    • February 13, 2012

    @ Larry Phillips. I’m no “expert” on worms, but from everything I’ve read, the PH for worm composting should be neutral (7) or close to it. As far as the worms for the compost bin, Red wigglers seem to be the best for efficiency and reproducing, while European Nightcrawlers can handle hotter temperatures. I guess it depends where you live and how hot it is. Both of these worms are composters from what I’ve gathered. For your flower bed, you will want other worms that are soil worms. I hope this answered your question and hope I didn’t give any wrong info. I’m sure someone will correct me if I did though

    • Judy Rhodes
    • June 27, 2015

    All of a sudden I cannot find where the “question & answer “part of this site.
    Where do I start?

    • Bentley
    • June 27, 2015

    Hi Judy,
    I think you MIGHT be thinking of the “Reader Questions” section of the blog. Here is the link:

    For future reference, you can find it in the left-hand sidebar under the “Categories” header

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