WFA vs CGU vs EWB vs PWG vs EWF?

UPDATE SPRING 2023: I’ve put together a dedicated listing for all my main educational products (but this blog post still contains helpful information about the differences between various packages).

People who get really interested in vermicomposting/vermiculture will often hear about paid courses and memberships available to help them take things to the next level. Trying to figure out how exactly these resources differ from one another, and who exactly they are designed for can sometimes be challenging.

I decided to create this post to help clarify the difference between four five such resources: 1) The Worm Farming Alliance (WFA), 2) Compost Guy Ultimate (CGU), 3) Elite Worm Breeding (EWB), 4) Professional Worm Growing Secrets (PWGS), and 5) Easy Worm Farming (EWF).

Full Disclosure – I am financially connected to ALL these resources, either as product owner/partner or as an affiliate (meaning I can potentially earn commissions for referrals), but my purpose here is to help people make an educated buying decision – i.e. to make sure people only invest in the product(s) that make(s) the most sense for their own situation (goals, interests, resources, available time etc).

The “10,000 Foot View” – for those of you in a hurry – here are the key differences between these 4 5 products.

Worm Farming Alliance (WFA) – COMMUNITY-based. Great choice for those wanting to learn directly from (and just generally connect with) others in the industry. $67 – lifetime

Compost Guy Ultimate (CGU) – EDUCATION-based. This is a collection of educational products relating to worm composting/farming. If you are a fan of this (Red Worm Composting) blog and my newsletter this could be a good choice for you. $47 – lifetime

Elite Worm Breeding (EWB) – This resource combines education AND community, but is very focused on the topic of bulk worm growing (and cocoon production). If you are serious about growing worms to sell (by pound or count) – especially with limited space available – this could be a good choice. $199 – lifetime (discounts available – see full description below)

Professional Worm Growing Secrets (PWGS) – eBook focused on worm breeding methods of highly successful Australian worm farmer, George Mingin. Includes my original “Worm Profits” audio course (somewhat out of date, but still lots of good evergreen info). $19.

Easy Worm Farming (EWF) – This package offers the most up-to-date look at how I produce and sell composting worm starter cultures (aka “Worm Mix”). It includes an eBook (with quick-start guide), an educational e-mail series, and a web business training section, among other resources. $27.

The Worm Farming Alliance (WFA) – This is a high-level online community and networking resource for people wanting to get serious about worm farming (or take their current efforts further). You can think of it as a great way to “rub elbows with”, and get high quality advice from, others in the industry – including plenty of serious professionals. I personally founded the WFA back in 2011 with the intention of making it a one-stop “all things worm farming” information/community hub. I’ll spare you the long-winded backstory, with all the ups and downs over the years, but the long and the short of it is that the fantastic community has always been the most important strength/asset. Some time ago, we (myself, along with managing partners Steve Churchill and Larry Shier) decided to streamline things and make the incredible community the primary focus moving forward. It is especially well-suited for those focused on starting or further developing a business venture. Not recommended for anyone who refuses to use Facebook (the primary communication channel is a private Facebook group).
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Compost Guy Ultimate (CGU) – What started as two bundle packages for my courses (and other info products) has evolved into a single, all-inclusive membership – and a main focus of mine – in recent years. It has more of an educational and “Compost Guy” (me and my projects) feel than the WFA. So, it is well-suited for those who enjoy my work here on the RWC blog (and email list) – but is intended as a “next level” resource for those wanting to get more serious than basic worm bin “hobby” level. Although there have been some quiet stretches, this is a resource that should continue to grow and evolve over time (and members will gain free access to, or be offered steep discounts for anything new that gets added to the CG Course Portal).
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Elite Worm Breeding (EWB) – This is a course & membership community started by my good friend Larry Shier. It is highly focused on the topic of serious (composting) worm breeding, with emphasis on space-saving set-ups. This is a more expensive resource, but it also has a proven track record of success stories, and rock-solid support from Larry himself. I heartily recommend EWB for anyone wanting to start/further develop a worm farming business that involves selling worms/cocoons. IMPORTANT NOTE: RWC readers can get 20% off by using the code RWC20 on the checkout page, and WFA members are entitled to 40% off (if you are a WFA member, just drop me an email >>HERE<< to get that coupon code). Note: The community portal is a private Facebook group, so once again this may not be ideally suited for those who absolutely refuse to use Facebook.
>> Click Here to Learn More <<

Professional Worm Growing Secrets (PWGS) – I’m quite sure this played a key role in Larry’s inspiration for Elite Worm Breeding, and these days I like to think of it as “Elite Light” (haha). In other words, if you want a far less expensive introduction to (overview of) some very similar space-saving methods for producing bulk composting worms and cocoons, this one could be a good choice.
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Easy Worm Farming (EWF) – The “Worm Mix” approach to selling composting worms literally saved my small “real world” vermicomposting business towards the end of my second season (2009). Over the years I have refined my methods, coming up with what I refer to as the “Worm Mix Batch” approach for indoor, systematic production. Worm starter cultures offer a fantastic foot-in-the-door, or add-on approach – for anyone interested in selling worms – that tends to be much more forgiving, less time consuming, and less expensive than more traditional worm farming approaches.
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In summary, all four five resources are intended for those wanting to take their worm farming/composting efforts beyond basic “hobby” level (especially those interested in starting or further developing a business venture). I wouldn’t recommend any of them for those who only need the most basic “getting started” information, and who aren’t yet sure how far they want to go with worms.

-> The first three complement each other very well, but also can work well as stand-alone resources, depending on your specific interests/focus/gameplan. Professional Worm Growing Secrets is great as a much-less-expensive introduction to the type of worm breeding Elite Worm Breeding teaches about. Easy Worm Farming is an excellent choice for those looking to get up and running with a worm biz relatively easily – and those looking for interesting ways to diversify their existing product line-up.

-> As touched on, while I do benefit financially from orders (CGU, PWG & EWF) and referrals (WFA and EWB), my main motivation for creating this overview is to help people decide what (if any) of these makes sense as something to invest in.

If you have ANY questions/concerns, don’t hesitate to fire me an email via my Compost Guy Contact Page! I am more than happy to elaborate on anything shared here.


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    • Andy
    • September 8, 2020

    Excellent post; this will help new people understand the difference between the courses and our groups. The Worm Farm Alliance, Elite Breeding, and CGU helped me what side of worm farming business I am approaching the last nine years. Since my parents just took down their above ground pool, permanently. Now, I can expand my worm farm business to the mid-scale level.

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