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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Here at Red Worm Composting, the privacy of our website visitors is of the utmost importance!

We do not collect any user information other than that provided via direct email contact and/or by leaving comments on the site. Any and all user information that ends up in our hands will never, ever, under any circumstances be sold, traded or shared with anyone else, and won’t be used for anything other than responding to your queries/comments. The only exception to this rule occurs in the case of those placing orders for worms. Since we are working closely with a U.S. supplier we will need to provide them with customer names and mailing addresses so that they can send them to their destination.

This information will never be used further by the suppliers as per our strict agreement with them. Should any breach of this agreement occur, we definitely want to know about it (email us), and will take swift action (very likely ending our business relationship with the party in question).

All purchases made on this website will be handled entirely by Paypal so we will never have access to your financial information such credit card or banking numbers. Paypal is an industry leader, employing the latest security technologies thus your financial information will be incredibly safe with them. As is stated elsewhere, you DO NOT need to have your own Paypal account to make a purchase – most major credit cards (and other options) are accepted as well.

We do not use cookies ourselves, but may display advertising and links that lead to third parties that do. These cookies are simply used for tracking purposes – providing advertisers with pertinent information such as how much traffic is being sent from a given website etc. Should you wish to completely block all cookies from being placed on your computer, you can do so quite easily from within your web browser privacy settings.

We are not responsible for the content and policies found on any of the sites we’ve linked to, via advertising or otherwise (excluding those sites we ourselves own) . When visiting any other sites via links on this site, please be sure to refer to their site policy pages as well.


All written content and the vast majority of the images on this site are the sole property of Red Worm Composting. If you wish to use any of our materials please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you out. In the case of photos – bare minimum, you need to let us know you are using the image and retain any watermarks present. A link back to our site would be greatly appreciated as well, but is not 100% mandatory. We are very active online, especially within composting field, and have already caught people using images without permission, so don’t take the chance – especially given the fact that we are happy to share (under the aforementioned circumstances).

Any articles can be used if permission is granted and author name and a link back to the site are included. Again, we regularly check online for borrowed content (it’s not very difficult), and take swift action when offenders are caught.

By using this website you consent to the policies outlined above. If you have any questions/concerns about our policies, or about the website in general, please contact us.

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