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If you have vermicomposting questions you may want to peruse the “Reader Questions” section of the blog, and make sure you have signed up for the email list so you can download the free RWC Vermicomposting Guide.

If you are an RWC customer (i.e. you have already ordered from us) it is very important that you include the word “customer” somewhere in your subject line. All obvious customer queries will be responded to as quickly as possible.

In general,

1) I recommend using a descriptive subject line so I can quickly see what the e-mail is about.

2) Keep emails short and sweet – it is FAR easier for me to respond to a short email with one or two questions than a big essay with multiple questions in it (I simply won’t be able to respond to most of these big ones anymore – sorry!).


NOTE: Some questions will also be selected for “Reader Questions” blog posts (please let me know if you don’t want your question shared)

Comments or questions are welcome.

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