About Red Worm Composting

This website was born out of a serious passion for vermicomposting – plain and simple. In early 2000 (oh how times flies) I was introduced to my very first worm bin. A co-worker of mine (at the time) kept it under her desk, occasionally throwing in biodegradable lunch waste.

I had heard of worm composting before and was very interested to learn more, thus seeing a ‘real’ system in action proved to be the tipping point needed to kick things into overdrive.

Thankfully my co-worker appreciated my enthusiasm and offered to share some of her composting worms with me. The rest, as they say, is history!

Over the years I have started and maintained a vast array of worm bins of all shapes and sizes. I even started a masters degree that involved some vermcomposting research (yes, the key word is “started” – LONG STORY!).

I’ve always been a serious nature nut – utterly intrigued by the inner-workings of both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, thus the ‘worm bin’ provided yet another opportunity (aside from aquariums and terrariums) to explore these complex realms from the comfort of home.

My worm composting hobby also led to explorations of other waste management methods, and an overall strengthening of my ties to general environmentalism.

Red Worm Composting was created by Bentley Christie, creator of Compost Guy, and Worm Composting Canada.

The main goal of the site is to share my passion for vermicomposting with others – hopefully encouraging a lot more people to get involved!

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Please drop me a line anytime if you have ANY questions or comments. I love connecting with fellow vermiphiles, and even those with only a mild curiosity about worm composting.

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