Mark’s OSCR Videos – Part III

Here is the final installment in Mark’s OSCR video series. This one is REALLY interesting so be sure to check it out. Mark shows the upper zone of his worm composting bed and explains how he feeds and waters the system. Speaking of which, I LOVE the water sprayer – that is an awesome idea. I think I’m going to get me one of those. (obviously it goes without saying that you should buy one of these NOT reuse one used for spraying other stuff!)

This is another long one (19:57), but I think a lot of people will enjoy the content.

You’ll likely notice that I’ve used a slightly different video player this time around – this one includes links to the other two videos (which show up once the video ends) – so if you happened to miss those ones you can easily check them out as well.

You will ALSO likely have noticed that I added a box in the sidebar to show Mark’s waste tally. I think it will be a lot of fun for us all to follow along as Mark continues his journey towards 2000 lb (and beyond). I’m amazed that he’s already added ~250 lb (as of the time of this writing)! Pretty cool.

Thanks again to Mark for putting together this video series! I am certainly looking forward to all his future OSCR (and other) updates!

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    • Nathan
    • November 12, 2009


    How do the coffee filters keep the worms from crawling up the sides of the bin?

  1. It is interesting to see all of the various worm bins and how individuals run their set ups. Thank you for taking the time and sharing.

  2. Nathan,
    The bin area is more rich with food, the worms don’t find much food in the coffee filters but, if I dig around there are plenty of worms under the filters.

  3. Thank You Belinda!

    • Eve
    • November 13, 2009

    Mark great video, when it was over i said “Already?” You have got me checking out the Vermico sight. And wishing i had enough feed stock for such a large bin.

    Listening to your videos i sounds like you are feeding every other day or so. With the bin processing so fast and your worm herd increasing so quickly. Do you plan to keep feeding the same amounts, feeding larger feedings or feeding more often?

  4. Hi Eve,
    I started to find some hot spots (88 degrees) and decided to stop feeding for about a week. I don’t really have a regular feeding day.
    I just go with the “flow”.

    • Andy
    • November 14, 2009

    Mark, my avocado shells do not break down too fast. Usually when I harvest the compost the shells are broken, dried and still there. I imagine they disappear but I keep tossing them back into my tubs/boxes. My pits seem to stay the same form, but I usually find the worms all over the things. I have not had one grow yet. Sounds interesting. Oh, I am still working to get back to Iowa to work with my brother to build a metal one of these. I will let you know if that ever works out.

    • Andy
    • November 14, 2009

    btw… you must have a very understanding and forgiving wife to let you take up your garage with your bin of worms and garbage. Bless her!

    • Kevin
    • November 14, 2009

    Mark, thanks for sharing the video.

    Concerning the avacado seed, if it does grow into a plant, that plant wont grow and avacados. Avacado plants only grow avacados if they are grafted. So you might get a nice avacado plant from the seed, but it wont give you any avacados. Just a heads up 🙂

  5. Andy
    I was thinking, if you money to make one out of metal, use aluminum.
    Just weld fast and hot!

  6. Andy,
    And thank you Letty is very supportive.

  7. Kevin,
    Thanks for the tip. It was an idea that I got from a book.

    • Kuan
    • November 16, 2009

    Great video!! I showed my husband your huge worm “house” and asked him to finish the flow through for me. He did!!! Now my worms have a much bigger home. I am trying to keep my new flow through bin warm though. I love to see your worms and how much you feed them. They seem to polish everything off fast too. Keep the news coming.


  8. Kuan,
    Thank you very much! It’s starting to get cold here in south central Kansas. Keep me posted.

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