Some Worm Composting Photos

Hi Everyone,
I just thought I would share some recent photos!

Gob of Red Worms
Picture from a few months ago. I think their air got cut off and it was time to leave and I don’t think they had any food left.

What the OSCR bin looks like today.

Fat Red Worm
This is Marvin (Letty says he is the leader) 🙂

Vermicompost Grown Onion
The small one is a store bought green onion. The bigger one is from Letty’s garden, grown with Vermicompost.

Lady Bugs in OSCR Bin
Some lady bugs stopped by for a snack! (not sure what those lines are)

‘Mark from Kansas’ is an avid vermicomposter from…well…Kansas, and contributing author here at Red Worm Composting. When he is not tending to his OSCR worm bin, Mark also enjoys spending time with his wife Letty (who also doubles as his trusty vermicomposting assistant) and picking petunias (ok, Bentley just made that last bit up).

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  1. I see worms going up the sides of the bin in the tip photo. But what is that on the surface of the bed? Is it worms or some disgusting leftovers?

  2. HI Belinda,
    Anything that looks pink in a massive glob of worms. Anything that looks brown is finished Vermicompost.
    They were so slimey and man did they smell. Luckily, I had a back up bin to put them in.

    • Mary
    • November 14, 2009

    Wow – if that’s a mass of worms, you should figure out exactly what you did and market that as your “harvesting worms” tip of the year!!!

  3. Could the escape be heat related? I have 3 tumbler hot compost bins and was taught to layer green with brown and than water to create heat and compost. A method similar to how you feed your Oscar. I have two 35 gallon worm bins and was taught to feed in a corner allowing worms plenty of escape room if things heated up which has happened occasionally.

  4. Mary,
    I think I almost killed them all.

  5. Belinda
    I checked my notes and come to think of it maybe it was the heat. That was one of the bins I didn’t watch well.

  6. Picture 1 is my worst nightmare! I sold a bin yesterday and the new wormers emailed that the worms were escaping–strange since they seemed pretty settled in their bin at my house. I think they might have put them in a closed space without much O2–I hope it wasn’t as bad a migration as that picture!

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