Mark’s OSCR – 12-16-09

Temp yesterday. The orange stuff is pumpkin

Thanks to everyone who sent some feedback on the OSCR. There was a lot of discussion about the crust around the heater cable.

If everyone remembers, I had an avalanche of finished Vermicompost; well it fell in my face, if we want to use my horror to amuse everyone again.

Any how, I figured late Saturday night that my heater was a dead so, I added 11 pounds of pumpkin to the back zone of the bin. My thought was that if it didn’t generate, oh well. The risk of over feeding was my primary concern, since the bin temp was low, that will causes worm activity to slow.

Then something odd happened. The weather got really cold – 10 degrees F (-12.2 C)! My garage got down to 25 degrees (-3.9 C)! At 5:00 CST, the back side of my bin was and still is at 80 degrees F. YES, EIGHTY DEGREES! [Editor’s note: This is an update from yesterday. I’m sure Mark will leave a comment letting us know if the temps have held]

‘Mark from Kansas’ is an avid vermicomposter from…well…Kansas, and contributing author here at Red Worm Composting. When he is not tending to his OSCR worm bin, Mark also enjoys spending time with his wife Letty (who also doubles as his trusty vermicomposting assistant) and picking petunias (ok, Bentley just made that last bit up).

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