Winter Worm Windrow – 01-27-10

Winter Worm Composting

Things have continued to chug along quite nicely in our Winter Worm Windrow for the past week. The remote temperature probe has consistently been displaying readings in the 15-23 C (59-73.4 F) range for the most part. We are finally now getting back into some real winter weather so I figured I should be proactive and get some more material heaped onto the bed this afternoon.

I’ve had a bunch of containers of manure taking up space down in the basement so I thought I’d start with those.

Manure Buckets

The total volume of manure would likely be in the range of 50-60 gallons (I don’t know the exact volume of the Rubbermaid tubs so I can’t say for sure) – so not a massive amount by any means, but still enough to help keep things nice and warm in the bed.

When I first pulled back the tarp (before adding the manure), I took some temp readings using my long-stemmed thermometer and was happy to see 20 C + (68 F +) throughout much of the bed. Things definitely seem to be balancing themselves out quite nicely.

Winter Worm Windrow

Rather than burying the manure, as I had done with the first two buckets (added back when I first received the material), I decided to simply dump it across the top of the bed, and then to add a thick layer of new straw over top.

Winter Worm Composting Bed

Sometime fairly soon, I will pour some more molasses water onto the bed to help ensure that there is enough moisture up in the manure layer, and to provide the microbes with some more “fuel”.

I know my over-confidence tends to come back and bite me when it comes to winter composting (haha), BUT I just can’t help but feel a LOT more optimistic that this experiment is going to end up being a success (i.e. we’ll be able to maintain warmish temperatures in the bed for the remainder of the winter).

February tends to be the coldest month of the year up here though, so we shall have to wait and see!

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