VermiPonics System – 02-12-10

Vermiponics System
Seedlings starting to emerge in the vermiponics bed

I guess it’s update-post day here on the blog (haha). Just wanted to let everyone know how the vermiponics system was coming along. As you can see, we’re starting to get some seedlings emerging in the bed! I wasn’t sure how quickly this would happen (or how quickly these plants typically germinate), but 2-3 days seems not too bad to me!

Vermiponics Radishes
Radish Seedlings

Vermiponics Lettuce
Lettuce Seedlings

Vermiponics Spinach
Spinach Seedlings

Vermiponics Garlic
The garlic plant has grown a little as well!

I’ve been curious to know how the worms are doing these days, but have resisted the urge to poke around (at least until the plants are fairly well-established). I have a sneaking suspicion that they are doing just fine.

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