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Thanks very much for your interest in the RWC “Worm Business Starter Pack” – a collection of free resources to help you get started with (or more serious about) your own “worm business”.

I put that term in quotes because it can refer to a wide variety of different types of businesses – not just selling worms.

This page – along with the resources you will have access to – will continue to expand over time, so make sure to check back from time to time, and – more importantly – please make sure to sign up for (and stay subscribed to) the email list so you’ll known when updates are available, and learn about new (related) projects and future developments in the field of worm farming (as a business)

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So What’s in the Starter Pack?

The Spare Room (Spare Time) Worm Farm – This brand new (2019) report explores the topic of setting up and operating a small worm farming business indoors with fairly limited space. We start with a look at Red Worm population growth – and the potential it offers, before exploring various strategies for getting the ball rolling with this type of business. Whether you are just getting started – looking for a “quick and easy” way to start earning some extra pocket money or you are eager to set-up the ultimate single room worm-growing operation (and of course anything in between), there’s something here for you! The report also includes a “real world” small business profile. My good friend Mary Ann Smith was kind enough to “open the door” to her own little “retirement business” – and I think you will find the information she freely shared as fascinating as I did!

The Paley100 Report – Previously only available to Worm Farming Alliance members, this report is my summary of the (in)famous, monster-of-an-article, “How To Breed, Raise, and Maintain A 100-Pound Stock of Worms in a Single Room” by Brian Paley. The article itself is loaded with a lot of very valuable observations and insights about the nature of Red Worms, and how you can influence the way they grow and reproduce. The overall “Big Idea”? Using various strategies, you should (theoretically anyway) be able to produce unbelievable densities of tiny worms. Worms that can then be fattened up to full size very easily within a couple of weeks.

I am only just getting started with the Worm Business Starter Pack! Lots more to be added in the weeks and months ahead!

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