Worm Farming Secrets – My Involvement

I decided to put this page up (in fall of 2012) to provide people with information regarding my involvement in “Worm Farming Secrets”. It’s safe to say that some people have assumed that I either own it, or that I’m at least involved (financially or otherwise) in it – neither of which are correct.

Was I EVER involved? Absolutely – back in spring of 2007 I happened to cross paths with the person who put the site together (Duncan) and he offered to hire me as a writer for his email newsletter (of the same name) and eventually also the main manual he sold from the site (Biology and Business of Raising Worms). I am appreciative of that opportunity since it provided me with A) important income, and B) just generally, my first real taste of entrepreneurial vermicomposting.

I decided to stop writing for the newsletter in spring of 2009 simply because I wanted to put more focus on my own projects – namely Red Worm Composting (and eventually The Worm Farming Alliance). As it stands, a fair amount of the content on the WFS website and still published in the newsletter was written by me (but he did also have another staff writer contribute for a period of time so a fair amount of his material is mixed in there as well).

I also participated in Duncan’s next project which involved interviewing a number of worm farming “experts” and compiling these interviews in a single PDF. There was no monetary compensation for this – I decided to take part since I thought it might be a good opportunity to share my worm business philosophies and (hopefully) to generate some additional interest in my Worm Farming Alliance group.

Just so people know, I DID request to have my name removed from all WFS newsletters so as to avoid any confusion. I have since requested that he do this for the manual as well.

My motivation here is NOT to knock Duncan (I am still very appreciative of the employment he provided) – but I do feel it’s important to make sure people know that I have NO involvement whatsoever in Worm Farming Secrets.

Anyway – that’s probably enough said. If anyone has ANY questions about this topic, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email any time!

Thanks kindly,

Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie

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