November 2013

Worm Inn Mega – 11-19-13

My new Worm Inn Mega system has been up and running for less than a week, but I’ve already been having a blast with it. As touched on in my last ‘Mega’ post, I was initially worried about the stability of the stand – but what’s funny is that it almost seems like it’s getting more stable as more material gets added. Perhaps something to do with the low center of gravity, and the way it hangs off the corner pieces so evenly.

My basic goal for this system is to add ALL of our compostable kitchen scraps, essentially as they are being produced. My usual collection approach involves filling bags that sit under the sink. Once they are full they get frozen or tossed straight into one of my various systems. Now what I’m doing is weighing them (once full), chopping up the scraps with heavy duty scissors, and then adding them to the ‘Mega’.

I have now already added two full bags (1st on Friday, 2nd today) of mixed scraps – the total weight of added material being (more…)

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What to Do With All Your Extra Worms

Some nice comments, and an interesting question from Mary:

“…I would like to add my grateful thanks to you for your sensible blog which has kept me from panicking and happily maintaining a healthy environment for my now burgeoning population of red worms. Now what do I do with them? . I’m sure you will soon answer this question as you have answered all of my others so well. Thank you for your efforts. They are appreciated.”

Hi Mary,

You are among a surprising number of people wondering what to do with all their extra worms, so thanks for giving me the opportunity to publicly address this here on the blog (your kind words are of course appreciated as well).

First and foremost, I like to think of this potential (abundance of worms) situation as a “good problem” to have! It demonstrates that you can vermicompost successfully, and that you have (more than likely) made it past some of the early challenges that cause many newcomers to throw in the towel before witnessing the true “power” of the process. So congrats – feel free to pat yourself on the back!

There is also one thing I really want to (more…)

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The Worm Inn Mega

Back in early spring of 2011 I held a contest on behalf of Jerry Gach, owner of the Worm Inn Brand. He wanted to release a larger version of the Inn, and needed to come up with a good name for it.

Many entries came in. A lot of them were very good. But of course we could only select one winner, and that was…drum roll please…”Worm Inn Mega” (big surprise, haha!). Leigh B. was our grand prize winner.

Unfortunately, that’s where the fun ended…at least for the time being. Jerry ran into some challenges with the project and ended up having to put everything on the back-burner.

I actually assumed that the entire idea had been scrapped – so you can imagine my pleasant surprise when Jerry recently informed me that not only was the project NOT dead, but that he was in fact getting ready to officially launch the new Inn!

The next logical step, of course, was for me to (more…)

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Big Tex Worms!

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE – PLEASE READ *** – This is NOT the Big Tex Worms website, which in fact no longer exists. Liz decided to move on from the worm business to pursue other things a number of years ago. This is simply a blog post about Big Tex Worms (on my “Red Worm Composting” website). Over the years quite a few people have searched for “Big Tex Worms”, arrived here and assumed it was her site (some ending up feeling disgruntled once they found out it wasn’t). If you are looking for composting worms – we do sell them, and Liz is still a friend (she now sends people to us when they get in touch with her about worms). That being said, please don’t assume that we are selling the worms the exact same way she was. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thanks!

I am very pleased to announce that my friend Liz, from “Big Tex Worms” has offered to write some guest posts here on the blog. This combined with some upcoming posts of my own should help to “break the silence” a bit around here in coming weeks and months.

Don’t want to steal Liz’s thunder, though, so without further blathering (lol) – here is her introduction!

Hello all,

My name is Liz and I am the worm farmer behind BigTex Worms in Fort Worth, Texas. Iā€™m so happy Bentley has given me the opportunity to write a few blog posts.
First, a little about me personally. I am a (more…)

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