January 2014

The Tiny Worm Business With BIG Potential

Tis the season for a lot of people (up in the northern hemisphere) to start thinking about the upcoming gardening season. Naturally, this also gets more people thinking about composting. As such, it is also a great time for would-be entrepreneurs to test the waters with some sort of vermicomposting business.

This is a topic a lot of people (more…)

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RWC News – January 2014

Hi Everyone,

I’m sure a lot of you have assumed that I’ve gone back into “taking-time-away-from-the-website” mode, or maybe that I have abandoned RWC altogether. I’ve literally posted ONCE since excitedly announcing our 1000th blog post!

I want to assure you that this is absolutely NOT the case. Apart from my normal time away over the holiday season, I have also been burying myself in the task of creating some cool new content for the site, and wrapping up work on a new course I hope to release sometime next week.

Here are some of the things you can expect to see soon!

1) Worm Inn Mega Update – I want to update everyone on my progress with this system (has been more than a month since my last update). While I have definitely been “underfeeding” the Mega – and have not been sticking with my goal to process ALL our compostable food scraps in it – I have still added a pretty decent amount of food waste since starting. So far I have been really pleased with the results!

2) The “Ugly Truth” About Vermicomposting – For some time now I have been wanting to put together a resource (wasn’t sure if it would be a report, blog post, podcast etc) that addresses the KEY challenges a lot of people face when they get into vermicomposting. These are very commonly the “deal-breakers”, leading many to give up on their vermicomposting efforts or, AT LEAST, to dampen their enthusiasm for this activity. As someone who is trying to get as many people excited about (and involved in) vermicomposting as possible, this has been very frustrating for me. So, my hope is that by addressing these “ugly truths” head on, and offering my suggestions for overcoming them, I will be able to encourage more people to stick with vermicomposting, and to end up happier with the results! I have recorded a substantial podcast on the topic, and will be putting together a written version of the material as well.

3) Tiny Worm Business. BIG Potential – Another topic I’ve wanted to make a bit more accessible is that of starting up your own vermicomposting business. It seems to be quite popular with a lot of vermicomposters – and something a lot of people are thinking about at this time of year, as we round the corner towards spring (well up in temperate regions of North Hemisphere anyway! lol). I recorded another beast of a podcast, and wrote a 19 page companion PDF that shares information on the topic of creating a fairly small vermicomposting business – one with the potential to earn you a very respectable side income. I have plans to record a second podcast dedicated SOLELY to answering any questions people have about this topic (so I’ll be encouraging everyone to leave comments or send in emails once the first podcast/report post goes up).

4) VermBin48 Update – I am definitely WAY overdue for a “Beast” update! I haven’t been doing all that much with the system (as I type this I literally have a bunch of boxes stacked up on top of it – lol), but have been meaning to check up on it and provide a status update here. I DID actually shine a flashlight underneath today and found a big heap of beautiful looking vermicompost sitting in one of my catch-bins. Given the fact that I have not yet done ANY harvesting from this system, my hunch is that there is a LOT more where that came from!

Moving forward, my aim is to get back into much more of a regular blogging routine here at RWC. I know I have been pretty inconsistent in recent months, so I am definitely hoping to remedy that in 2014 – even if it means only posting once or twice a week.

I will definitely send something to the e-mail list about all of this as well since I suspect there are far more people paying attention to that than to the site itself these days!

Stayed tuned!

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Do Worms Like Stale Beer?

Interesting question from Mark:

Occasionally, we find ourselves with an old bottle of flat beer that
has lost all it’s effervescence. Rather than just throwing away before
we recycle, I’m wondering if this old beer would be good to inoculate
some bedding material or partially dry food scraps prior to top
feeding our worms? One would think that the sugars and carbs would be
a good addition!?

Hi Mark,

What you’ve described goes against my own “leave no beer behind” moral philosophy (some might even call this a “beer crime”), but I won’t judge you for it!

Joking aside, that’s a really good question! As is often the case with me, my response would be “it depends”. Would I recommend adding a fair amount of beer to a smaller system – absolutely NOT! But I wouldn’t hesitate to empty out a small amount from the bottom of a single bottle into a larger outdoor system.

Obviously we need to remember that (more…)

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