August 2014

What Worms Will Consume Dog Waste?

A question from Mark:

Are there any worms available that can breakdown dog waste in a
compost heap?

Hi Mark,

I’d guess that just about any species of composting worms (eg. Red Worms, European Nightcawlers, Blue Worms, African Nightcrawlers etc) could help you process dog wastes. As a “real world” example of this – my brother-in-law and I added a small number of Red Worms to a backyard composter where he’d been piling his dog’s feces (along with some yard waste) for quite some time.

He reported that the level of material in the composter started to go down more quickly from then on. When I checked on things the following year – sure enough, there was a thriving population of the worms in the system.

I myself have had similar results with (compostable) cat litter wastes.

The best way to ensure your success with ANY type of fresh manure, is to (more…)

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