August 2017

Super Simple Vermicomposting Planter – 8-17-17

It has been almost a month since my last vermicomposting planter update, so I figured it was probably time to let you know how things are coming along with my “super simple” system.

Not too surprisingly, it has been a “slowly-but-surely” process so far, both in terms of getting the system set up and as far as plant growth goes. If at all possible, I recommend getting the planter set up early in the season, well in advance of actually planting anything. This way there will be a lot more “good stuff” already available to the plants. The cooler temps early on should also help to boost worm activity higher up in the system as well.

That being said, I am actually very happy with the progress that’s been made.

The plants have in fact grown quite a lot, and my pumpkin has (more…)

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