1000+ Facebook Group Members!

Yesterday was a momentous occasion! The Red Worm Composting Facebook Group hit the 1000 member mark! Whoohoo!

I’ve been blown away, not only by how quickly the group has grown, but also by the level and quality of interactions! Lots of great vermicomposting information being shared.

A big thanks goes to my new friend, and moderator, Larry Shier – he’s played an important role in helping people who have questions, stimulating discussions in general, and even in recruiting new members (he is a moderator for another vermicomposting group – and just generally has plenty of worm-minded friends).

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the group. One of my goals was to surpass the number of “fans” we have for the Fanpage. If we keep growing at the rate we have been, I can definitely see that happening a LOT sooner than I imagined!

If you are not yet a member, be sure to join the RWC Facebook group today!

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