Christmas Sale Extension

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
We already had our ‘Turkey Day’ back in October (in Canada, that is), so I’m afraid it’s just a regular dinner for me today!

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have decided to extend the Christmas sale. For one thing it seemed a little odd to me to have a Christmas sale before December even arrived (during Thanksgiving week no less). I also figured the timing might not have been great for a lot of people who might be traveling a lot this week, and not thinking too much about vermicomposting!

That being said, we’ve definitely had a busier week than usual so far, so I guess some people are in a vermicomposting frame of mind!

As you can tell, I have also decided to get rid of my ‘sticky’ announcement post up top (it will now move down with the rest of the posts) – and have replaced it with a banner instead. I know I don’t feel like staring at that post for two weeks, and I’m sure all of you feel the same way as well. We have some good stuff coming your way very soon, so I want it those posts to be featured front and center where they belong!

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