Looking for Used Worm Farming Equipment? Want to Buy Used Worm Farming Equipment?

This is a very spur-of-the-moment post – a little bit of an experiment! I have noticed that there is a HUGE demand of used worm farming equipment – and there seems to be a fair number of people looking to sell equipment. But often, there isn’t a good way for these two groups to get connected.

Any time we post about used worm/castings harvesters (and other used equipment) internally in the Worm Farming Alliance private Facebook it seems to get snatched up very quickly.

It would be great to create more of an official used worm farming equipment “Buy and Sell” type of resource if there is enough interest (and enough people on both sides of the equation to make it worthwhile).

Your used equipment doesn’t necessarily need to be large-scale worm farming machinery either. Maybe you have a used stacking worm bin, or Worm Inn (etc) you are no longer using and you’d like to sell it.

Whether you are looking for something specific, or looking to sell, just add a comment below and we’ll see where this goes!

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    • Maurice Smith
    • September 7, 2019

    I am looking for a used worm farm , small 5 tray or less for home use. Just am interested in trying this out.

    • Michael Payne
    • January 22, 2020

    I am selling an established worm farm. Equipped with a harvester, conveyor belt, dirt pulveriser, buckets and worms. I currently have approximately 250,000 worms. I decided to try it out but while already working 50 plus hours in another job I just don’t have the time for sales. We have about 20 tons of castings that could go along with it too.

  1. Hi Michael,
    Where are you located?

  2. Hi Michael Payne, do you still have your worm farm amd equipment for sale? Would love to chat if possible. Thanks

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