Must be something in the air!

I hate to do this yet again, but if ‘Anna’ is out there and reading this I would greatly appreciate it if she got in touch again. Yet another e-mail bounce (the third within the last week – all different people). It seems that pesky e-mail form is tripping people up!

Be assured, I’m not going to do this every time an email address bounces, but this is a particularly important case.

Also, while I’m on the topic – if you ever try to get in touch with me but don’t hear back after a couple days, please do send another message. I honestly appreciate the reminders and, as this case illustrates, sometimes I receive the wrong email addresses from people, or some other technical glitch gets in the away.

I have yet to completely ignore someone – as of late my response time has certainly slowed down, but I always make a serious effort to get back to people at some point.


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  1. Schools sometimes have a really strong spam filter on their email set-ups. I have frequent troubles sending messages to my sister, a teacher. Your readers might want to give a second home email address with their questions.

    What an impressive class project for those special ed kids! I hope the kids get to do some fishing, too.

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