Ants vs Black Soldier Fly

Ants attack Black Soldier Fly

Our good friend Larry Duke sent me an email the other day with an intriguing photo (above) attached. Me being me, I promptly asked Larry if he’d mind me sharing it, along with his brief explanation. Larry being Larry (haha), he happily obliged. Here’s what he had to say (about the photo):

Hey Bentley. Just wanted to post a picture of a newly hatched BSF – under attack by ants – I rescued! Ants serve a purpose. Just wish it wasn’t in my worm bins! When I picked it up, the ants would not let go until they got smashed. The Soldier fly survived. I’m not sure if he was stung by the ants. They may not be harmed by the sting. You got me on that one!

I can’t help but wonder if these fire ants attack the worms as well? (Larry – have you seen any evidence of this?)
I myself haven’t found any evidence of ants actually attacking worms in any of my beds, and there are literally ant nests in the middle of a couple of my beds (and still plenty of worms in the general vicinity) – but our ants likely aren’t nearly as aggressive as fire ants.

Anyway, thanks yet again to Larry for sharing!

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    • LARRY D.
    • September 7, 2010

    I did see a Perionyx excavatus get stung two days ago.You could tell the PE was not happy!Then last night while trying to get night footage of worms,in a bathtub of EH”s,i saw one on top that was barely alive.Was he already dying?It is possible.He was engulfed in ants.But supposedly fire ants send out a chemical smell that tells them to start stinging at the same time.Certain doom for a worm on top.And euros sometimes just like to lay on top and just kind of hang out.I know they seem to eat cocoons.Someone once told me they eat them like popcorn.A sad thought for someone trying to keep worms!
    Do i hate ants? No! Do i wish they were not in my bins?Yes!

  1. I guess torching the ants isn’t such a bad idea after all.
    Great photo by the way.

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