Kitsap EZ Earth – Great People, Great Products

When it comes to anything related to vermicomposting (worm composting) it certainly doesn’t take much to get me excited.

I’m always particularly interested to learn about those eco-entrepreneurs who have put their heart and soul into some form of vermicomposting (or vermiculture) business – something I’d like to eventually do myself.

Kitsap EZ Earth, located in Bremerton Washington, is a prime example of the type of business I’m talking about – and one I find particularly inspirational based on their business model alone.

They are owned and operated by Peninsula Services, a “non-profit rehabilitation agency organized in 1971 by parents and concerned citizens for serving people with disabilities”.

Here are some exerpts from their ‘about us’ page:

Finding meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities has been a real challenge in Kitsap County. To remedy this situation Peninsula Services is promoting an unique, non-governmental employment model called Kitsap E-Z Earth. This innovative business enterprise centered around manufacture and distribution of vermicompost and other environmental sensitive products.


Kitsap E-Z Earth products are 100% natural vermicompost which is packaged in 2 and 10 pound bags for sale at retail outlets. Bulk quantities are available for sale directly from the Kitsap E-Z Earth greenhouse.

The product line includes red worms (in limited quantities), vermicompost (worm castings), worm bins and other supplies. Vermicompost is also a main ingredient in brewing ‘worm tea’, a natural substitute for pesticides and environmentally harsh fertilizers. This new technology offers great promise for home and commercial applications and increased revenue and employment opportunties.

UPDATE 2018 – I learned from a reader that the original Kitsap EZ Earth link was no longer working. Looks like they are no longer open unfortunately. You can learn more >>HERE<<

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    • joy Jenne
    • August 12, 2009

    I am interested in setting up a tour of a vermacompost facility for my garden club. Where are you now located? Is there a telephone number to contact you? Thank you, Joy Jenne 360-432-0123

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