Sustainable Restaurants

While this video isn’t specifically about vermicomposting (there is a brief mention of it though), I think it’s definitely worth watching! Thanks very much to Nevin, who told me about it!

Not only am I very interested in eco-entrepreneurship, but I am also a pretty serious “foodie”, so I’m always interested in learning about eco-restaurants. Those who read “Da Book” (lol) will also know that I’ve been dreaming of one day starting up my own sustainable restaurant/farm – one that incorporates vermicomposting (in a BIG way) of course!

I’ll definitely be interested in learning more about the work this gentleman is involved in!
Cool stuff!

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    • Ted
    • December 13, 2010

    I understand that he had a dehydrator to later compost the food waste, but why did the worms all perish from this? The worms had to be in some sort of moisture in the fist place. Wouldn’t the dehydrated food soak up moisture and rehydrate itself to start rotting again?

    I liked the phrase he used, Waste being the end of the beginning.

  1. Hi Ted,
    Aside from extracting important moisture from the worm system (which wouldn’t likely kill them off but could still have a negative impact), my guess is that it’s basically a case of serious overfeeding. What looks like a decent amount of dehydrated stuff, likely ends up being a HUGE amount of hydrated material. Plus the types of food wastes produced by a restaurant would likely be pretty rich – lots of nitrogen I’m sure.

    I liked his mention of a “waste of waste”! Certainly lots of people out their wasting their wastes (although I prefer the term “resources” – haha)

    • John Duffy
    • December 14, 2010

    As soon as we get the politicians out of bed with the oil companies, these types of endeavors will find rapid support with the general public. Our best bet right now is to get our children involved. They are our future.
    I heard a comment once that really stuck with me. It was supposedly said by a native American…Something to the effect of, “the white man will learn to conserve only when he realizes he cannot eat money.”
    Whether this is a true story, I cannot attest. But, the impact has stuck with me.
    Thanks to people like Bentley, my family does not waste anywhere near what we did just a year ago when I got my first batch of worms.
    Reduce, reuse, recycle…Rejoice!
    Thanks Bentley for sharing this video.

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