Worm Girl – Promoting the Power of the Lowly Worm

I love hearing about other people who are as passionate about vermicomposting as myself. Susan McVety, a.k.a “Worm Girl” seems to be one such person – and she’s a fellow Canadian, no less!

I recently came across an interesting article about McVety and her Montreal-based worm crusades, and knew I had to write a post about her here.

Here is a blurb from the article:

If you’re looking to compost with worms but don’t know how, Susan McVety will come to your rescue.For $10 McVety will deliver a yogurt container full of red wrigglers to your home. For $25 she’ll bring a “stylish” Worm Girl compost bin (a Rubbermaid storage bin with plenty of air holes around the sides near the top and a “handy/pretty sash covering the holes”) complete with worms, and a pamphlet on worm care basics. McVety offers the service on weekday evenings and weekends, and technical assistance and follow-up visits as needed. She’ll even baby-sit your worm bin for a while if you run into problems.

“Baby-sitting” worms?? Now that’s what I call true dedication to the cause!

Interestingly, Worm Girl (in true superhero fashion) holds down a regular day job (as a university researcher) – donning her worm cape only on evenings and weekends.

Aside from reading the article I mentioned, you can learn more about Worm Girl and her wormy work via her MySpace page.

[UPDATE 2018: Link to article no longer working so it was removed. Amazingly enough, MySpace DOES still exist, but Worm Girl’s page doesn’t look like it contains any worm-related information so I removed the link to that as well.]

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  1. Thanks for the mention!

    • Bentley
    • November 14, 2007

    No problem, Susan!
    Thanks for popping by.


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