February WF-360 Contest Winner

Well, the results are in for our final Worm Factory 360 contest! Congratulations goes to Scott S. of Smyrna, Georgia! Way to go, Scott!

I want to take the opportunity to once again thank Kate and the gang at Nature’s Footprint for the opportunity to test out their Worm Factory 360 bin (more on that in a minute) and of course for these contests (resulting in three RWC readers receiving a free WF-360!).

Just so you know, my own WF-360 trial is nowhere close to being over – I’m only on the second tray after all! While my updates might not be QUITE as frequent, I’ll certainly continue to keep everyone posted on my progress.

For those thinking about buying one of these bins, make sure you grab it via the RWC contest page – since Nature’s Footprint has provided a coupon for 10% off (again – I am in no way financially involved in this).

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