Papaya Vermicomposting Update

Quick update on the papaya vermicomposting front. I actually almost forgot about this one (surprise – lol) – but a comment on the first post reminded me to go have a look today.

The papaya is definitely pretty well processed by now – and a LOT more worms seem to be taking an interest in it as well. I have included my Day 0 image below for comparison.



As you can see, the springtails are really going to town on the remains of the fruit!

When I flipped the pieces over, I also found lots of worms – especially under the lower piece. Interestingly, most of the worms seemed to be quite young. Perhaps the larger worms are simply hanging out a bit further below the surface.

Susan B (who posted the recent comment that reminded me to check on the experiment today) mentioned the possibility of papaya seeds causing sterility in worms. This sounds like a new Tiny Tub Two Worm Challenge trial waiting to happen!!

Any takers?

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    • Larry
    • March 4, 2015

    Totally amazing the difference between the two pictures!

    • Lori Peck
    • March 5, 2015

    Looking at the picture……are those little worms? Cause they look like maggots?
    (Not meaning to offend you!,)
    I don’t have that “white” worm look in mine?

    Just wondering.
    Lori 🙂

    • Steve Bichlmeier
    • March 5, 2015

    The papaya seeds are used to kill intestinal parasites. There are recommendations to grind the seeds and mix in a smoothie to mask the taste. Somehow intestinal worms get paralyzed and pass through.

    • John W.
    • March 7, 2015

    The white maggot looking things are springtails.


    • Bentley
    • March 11, 2015

    Thanks Jerry!
    (Late, I know! haha)

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