Vermicomposting Haiku

Our roving worm news reporter, Barb V., recently told me about a cool thread that had been started over on the Garden Web Forum called “Compost Haiku“, and suggested this might be fun to try over here.

Based on the fact that we had so much fun with “You Know You Are a Worm-Head When…“, I agreed wholeheartedly!

For those of you unfamiliar with Haiku (or needing a review), it is a type of Japanese poetry. Each poem consists of three short lines, typically containing a specific number of syllables each. OK, so technically they are not actually syllables – they are actually referred to as “moras”, and you can read ALL about the nitty gritty rules and regulations on the Haiku Wikipedia page if you want.

For OUR (fun) purposes, let’s just stick with the commonly accepted 5-7-5 syllable guideline – and for the sake of not cramping anyone’s artistic style, you can even feel free to alter that a bit.

Here is an example – a very nice Haiku written by Barb V:

Surface solid squirm
Add melons, numbers explode
Where do they come from?

And a couple I came up with for this post (I’ll likely do some more for the comments section):

Open the worm bin
Take in the rich earthy smell
This is true beauty

Hand fork moves swiftly
Red Worms dance in the sunlight
Simple excitement

So, as you can see, all of these follow the 5-7-5 syllable guideline, and of course have something to do with worm composting.

Now have some fun!

Thanks again to Barb V. for the great post idea.

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    • Ted
    • July 2, 2010

    Two days and no words
    The worm poets fading fast
    NO, vaction time

    I am alone here
    No fans adding to this page
    Harvesting compost????

    Sunday is for some
    Happy Independance Day
    Don’t blow up your worms

    • LARRY D.
    • July 2, 2010

    throw them a life line
    poetry has a shelf life
    ted,we need a rhyme

    poetry will slack
    but soon will pick up the pace
    this is a worm place

    my redworms hid under food
    but they aren’t scared

    • LARRY D.
    • July 2, 2010

    question your worm rhymes?
    question your worm poetry?
    are you kidding me?

    worm power extremes
    worms are poetry themselves
    watch them dance in light

    worms around the clock
    worms all day and through the night
    worm lovers delight

    • Ted
    • July 3, 2010

    I say nay to thee
    place your squirm in manure
    and watch them mature.

    Are you kidding me?
    worms run, not dance in the light
    Don’t you know I’m right?

    You have failed it’s true
    My wisdom has shattered you
    I am the worm dude

    • Barb V.
    • July 3, 2010

    Fireworks booms are said
    To frighten pet animals
    How will worms react?

    Cool as cucumbers
    Oblivious to kabooms
    Worm pit all serene

    Picnic leftovers
    Create way more excitement
    Than boom boom kabang

    • Barb V.
    • July 3, 2010

    This is from a real headline:

    ‘Worming’ its way into hearts
    Of recyclers”

    Typical headline
    Often in the news today
    Verm-keeping is hot

    Say that again. Hot?
    I’ll believe that when each
    Home has a worm bin

    Still, nice to think of
    Composting dispossessing
    Trash hauling dumping

    • LARRY D.
    • July 3, 2010

    worms are not fish food
    ted said he was the worm dude
    poetry he spewed

    worms all day and night
    they love to have a food fight
    eat with all their might

    worms are in the news
    worms are also on you tube
    count the numbers viewed

    • LARRY D.
    • July 3, 2010

    Barb v.finds fun stuff
    tumbled worms sometimes look rough
    never have enough

    Bentley is worm king
    the compost guy is his thing
    but can Bentley sing?

    What’s with all the rhymes?
    trying to have a good time!
    helps from time to time!

    • Ted
    • July 4, 2010

    So true Larry D
    This is very new to me
    Having fun is key

    Yes I fish, so true.
    worms, not used one, thats true too.
    Will I, well, no clue.

    This is it for me.
    Thanks for all the poetry.
    Had fun, honestly

    • LARRY D.
    • July 4, 2010

    fishing is o.k.
    as long as the worms not red

    I’m the flounder king
    flounder fishing is my thing
    compost flounder poo?

    try a golden spoon
    or try a “storm swimmin shad”
    shad color is best!

    • Barb V.
    • July 4, 2010

    Family asks what
    Are you going to do with
    Tens of thousands worms?

    Well, er, ah, umm, hmm
    Hey, ask me no hard questions!
    Just playing by ear

    But I will admit
    That the squirm herd is growing
    Daily by leaping bounds

    • Barb V.
    • July 9, 2010

    Is it too late to add another video-inspired Haiku?

    Wowie kapowie
    Bentley treads the red carpet
    Of vermi-wood fame

    Vermeister to stars,
    Bentley what is the secret
    Of your vermi-pics?

    Why so round, red, firm ?
    What worm-star training secrets?
    Vermi-abs of steel

    From Alpaca poo
    To torn cardboard, exotic
    Or mundane, foodstuff

    Is the wow-power
    Behind video-glam worm stars
    I still love my worms

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