Lasagna Gardening-06-24-11

Just a quick picture update for those of you interested in my lasagna gardening project this year.

I didn’t end up adding any more food waste to the bed, but I guess the waste materials already in there have been enough to help my summer squash plants grow. It’s been very dry (up until the last day or so) during the past couple of weeks but they seem to be doing quite well anyway (and I have of course been watering them to help them along).

Now that they are getting fairly big (compared to seedlings), I will likely put a layer of straw back down on the bed to help keep moisture in and make it easier to bury wastes. I will also add a bunch of food waste in the middle zone as planned.

Will keep everyone posted!

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  1. Hi Bentley your Lasagna garden looks great. I did one for my pumpkin and potatoe patch last fall.
    At work one day my boss said there were worms all over the parking lot and side walk. On my break I went out and gathered 3 16 ounce cups full and when I got home I dumped them into the garden. It is looking good. Pumpkins and potatoes are growing.

    • Maggie
    • June 25, 2011

    Lasagna beds looking good Bentley, keep up the great posts.

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