Agroinnovations Interview – Part I

Agroinnovations Podcast

A number of weeks ago I was contacted by Frank Aragona, owner of Agricultural Innovations Inc, and host of the Agroinnovations Podcast, inquiring if I’d be interested in taking part in an interview for the weekly show. I was very flattered by the request, and heartily agreed to take part, despite the fact that I was a tad nervous about the prospect of being interviewed.

Frank and I had a few back a forth exchanges trying to figure out a time that worked well for both of us, and thankfully we were finally able to nail down a specific date and time (two weeks ago today). As you’ll likely notice, I was indeed a tad nervous to begin with, and tended to wander a bit from time to time, but I REALLY enjoyed talking with Frank (who had lots of great questions and some interesting insights), and think everything came together nicely. Since I did tend to provide rather lengthy responses, the interview ended up running for an hour, so Frank has decided to break it into two parts – part one being posted today.

Frank was also kind enough to grant me permission to actually host the audio file here (you will find the play button at the bottom of this post), but I definitely want to urge everyone to visit his website and see what he is doing. While I’d personally never heard of the Agroinnovations Podcast prior to receiving Frank’s email, it is readily apparent (when you visit the site) that he has put a LOT of work into this project. I have no doubt that he must have a pretty serious following of podcast listeners and fans in general as a result. There are lots of interesting topics covered in past podcasts, but RWC readers may be particularly interested in the interview Frank conducted with Jerry from the “Black Soldier Fly Blog” (an excellent resource for those interested in learning about BSF, by the way!). Here are the links to the two parts of that interview:
Episode #78: The Black Soldier Fly (Part I)
Episode #79: The Black Soldier Fly (Part II)

Ok, enough chatter – here is the first part of my interview (just click on the little play button). Hope you enjoy it!


You are of course more than welcome to listen to the podcast on Frank’s site (where you will find a brief description of the content as well) if you prefer. Here is a direct link to that podcast post:
Episode #84: Red Worm Composting (Part I)

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