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I recently came across an interesting (albeit brief) article about a new vermicomposting initiative at a California hotel/spa. I always enjoy reading about these kinds of projects. There is just SO much potential, given all the businesses out there producing tons and tons of food waste each year, but there really aren’t that many taking advantage of these materials.

The hotel in question is the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa (Sonoma, California) – here is a brief blurb about their new system:

The 3′ x 3′ x 14″ worm bin sits near the employee parking lot and is intended to reduce about 128 pounds of organic waste each month. But cutting out the organic waste isn’t the only thing the wormy guys are good for, explains Melissa Attanasio, the resort’s “Green Champion” (I wish I had “champion” in my official title). “By feeding the worms hotel food waste, we end up with one of the best (sustainable) soil amendments and fertilizers—worm castings,” she says.

Be sure to check out the full article: Hotel Hip: Worm Composting

I’m actually just about to start up a similar food waste vermicomposting project in my own region. A little while ago I contacted a local restaurant to inquire about obtaining some of their wastes for my worms, and they ended up being very excited about the idea, so we’ve made it into more of a serious project. Needless to say, you’ll definitely be hearing a lot more about that in coming weeks.

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  1. Best of luck on your new venture. You can certainly be a Worm Champion. You can even be a Compost Crime Stopper. Your new business may provide adventures worthy of a novel.

    Jim Lehrer wrote some hilarious books about One-Eyed Mack, the fictional lieutenant governor of Oklahoma. Mack’s son, Tommy Walt started a restaurant grease collection and recycling business, and ran afoul of the grease Mafia of Oklahoma City. That ever happen to you?

  2. Hi Bentley.
    A great idea with restaurant.
    Could you write more details about this venture?
    I am interested to do something similar or participate in your project.

    • Bentley
    • May 27, 2008

    Thanks Guys!

    Collegemama – I will do my best to avoid the Lard Lynch Mob – thanks for the warning!

    Wormbin – I can’t provide more details at this time but will definitely be sharing a lot more very soon. The project is set to begin hopefully within the next few days (definitely within a week). Just need to get myself fully organized.

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