Man Grows Pot as “Vermiculture Experiment”?

Just came across a rather bizarre article from back in October. It’s about a man in Perth Australia who was arrested and convicted after being caught with 133 cannabis plants (and 1 kg of dried product). He claims it was simply part of a vermiculture experiment!

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Judge Allan Fenbury told Perth’s District Court today he believed the offences were at the lower end of the range of severity, rejecting the prosecution’s argument the number of plants Hartwig had grown was “staggering”.

“I’ve seen a case with 40,000 plants – that’s staggering,” Judge Fenbury said.

He said the fact the trial jury had found Hartwig guilty did not mean they disregarded all of his evidence, including testimony that it wasn’t his intention when he began experimenting with worm castings to become involved in marijuana.

Read the full article here: Thomas George Hartwig’s vermiculture drug experiment leads to jail

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