Crazy Q&A Podcasts – Session #9

Today’s Topics

– Restocking a bin with a declining worm population
– Pros and cons of Euros and Red Worms
– Dealing with Black Soldier Fly larvae
– Risks of vermicomposting diseased plant materials
– Are green food wastes as risky as grass clippings?
– Vermicomposting “zoo poo”
– Do earthworms produce better compost than Red Worms?
– Are house fly larvae harmful to worms?
– Dealing with cocoons and babies left in vermicompost
– Adding stinky food wastes to a vermicomposting system.
– Are there any organic materials that won’t break down in a vermicomposting system?

Hope you enjoy it!

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    • Dave
    • February 21, 2013

    Thanks, this was the first pod cast I have been able to catch and it was full of wonderful information

    • Barb
    • February 22, 2013

    Thank you for producing these podcasts. I learn many things from each. I appreciate anyone who generously provides free information and education. My worms, garden, and family have benefitted greatly from your sharing of expertise. Love live Bentley the Compost Guy!

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