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Hi Folks,
I’m sure quite a few of you (on the email list) have been eager to see what I have in store for all those questions you guys sent in. Sorry for the delay getting things going with that – still trying to figure out the best way to approach this.

As it stands, I will more than likely use a variety of approaches, just for the sake of keeping things moving and providing people with answers BEFORE SPRING! (haha)

Aiming to get the ball rolling later today.
Thanks for your assistance (with my “request”) and, as per usual, for your patience!

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    • John
    • February 13, 2011

    It’s been about 4 weeks since I received my worms and introduced them into there new home. I noticed some “hairs” growing all over the bedding material and some of the food. Almost looks like white cat hair. There is no “green” mold, just this hair. The worms are all in good shape and there is no sour smell in the bin. Is this “hair” okay? If not, what recommendations do you have?

    • Bentley
    • February 14, 2011

    Hi John,
    What you are seeing is fungal mycelium – basically a complex network of fungal cells. Generally, when you are seeing “green” or “black” color associated with fungal growth it is massive collections of spores you are actually looking at (best to avoid this scenario – since you don’t want clouds of these blowing around).
    Sometimes I recommend that people mix the contents around a bit to break up the mycelium – but generally speaking, with worms in the system this is not going to be an issue for long (unless you are overfeeding). They should munch on this material.

    • Jen
    • February 22, 2011

    I have read a great deal of your website and never seen this addressed so I figured I’d ask. I bought a plastic stacker and in one of your videos you commented something about perhaps people are given the wrong directions with those. Even though I did a huge amount of research before I got the bin when the thing came I followed the instructions it came with (more or less) even though I knew they were contrary to what I’d read and were missing a lot. Basically I was told to mix a few handfuls of dirt with the included bedding (1 pack coconut coir) and food scraps for 3″ of the bottom tray, 2″ top tray) and then feed from the top after that). I wound up using completed compost to supplement and because I wasn’t about to put that much food in immediately. I didn’t know to put the layer of bedding under everything or even to layer newspaper on top. I killed some worms at first (drowned some, who knows what some) and had some trying to escape but after 2 weeks I have vermipods and juveniles appearing, the worms look good, etc. However, they are eating very little compared to what I was told to expect (population seems good, it’s not like I’m down half my worms, I have what I think are vinegar flies, and I have no clue how to know what happens with that bottom tray. Your send the worms downward approach makes much more sense. I assume I am not going to be saved sorting through the compost to save worms/vermipods as I had understood when i bought this system? Could you address the proper way to set up a commercial tray system, how to fix one that is not properly set up (is it safe for my worms to scoop up areas of their living space to get bedding underneath them) and how to know what is going on in that bottom bin? Thanks and really sorry I didn’t buy the worm inn.

    • rick rothman
    • February 27, 2011

    I too have a stackable binn system, and most worms don’t seem to migrate up, even whjne no food is added to bottom tray.

    • John
    • February 28, 2011

    Thanks Bentley. The fungal mycelium has since disappeared. Just about as soon as you answered, it started to disappear.
    New Problem. Why are worms trying to get out? I don’t think food is the problem. At least a few hundred are always climbing the walls of my bins (I now have three). Should I change out my bedding? (I am using 1″ strips of newspaper that I dampened.)
    Thanks again.

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