Looking For DIY BSFL System Plans

I haven’t really talked about Black Soldier Fly Larvae as composting organisms here on the blog yet – although I do get the odd email from people who are frustrated when they pop up in their worm composting systems. They are in fact really effective at breaking down wastes, and are also an excellent food source for fish, birds, lizards etc. One of the cool things about them that some university researchers discovered is that they can ‘self-harvest’ (if ONLY worms could do this – haha!) – thus making them even more appealing.

Anyway, I will definitely write more about them some other time. The purpose of this post (on my new “Share Board”) is to help Arthur track down some plans for a DIY Black Soldier Fly Larvae self-harvesting system. There are of course complete systems on the market, such as the ‘BioPod’, but these can be out of a lot of people’s price range.

If you have designed your own system or know someone who as, please fire me an email and I will pass along the info to Arthur.


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    • Dwayne
    • August 29, 2008

    I don’t have any plans but we have been discussing the BSF on my blog:
    and on vermicomposters.com in the group for BSF:http://vermicomposters.ning.com/group/BSF

    Your readers can see this thread on the site too:

    I certainly have plenty of the BSF and have come to accept them over time. They have not taken over my bins as I feared in the beginning.


    • Jay
    • August 30, 2008

    Self-harvest? Very curious, but totally unsure what that means

    • Bentley
    • September 1, 2008

    Great Dwayne – thanks for sharing!

    Jay – the self-harvesting takes advantage of the fact that at some stage in the larval development (prepupae I think) the BSFL will move up an inclined plane – perhaps something to do with finding a better spot to turn into an adult. I can’t remember exactly.
    Anyway, if you put a trough on the other side of the incline the larvae will fall into it, making it very easy to collect them.
    Hopefully a serious BSF grower will chime in provide a proper explanation.

    • Bob Packard
    • September 9, 2008

    Hi Bentley: I don’t know much about this subject, so I looked at the BIOPOD site to better understand this. While I don’t have any plans, I did stumble on another bin. It appears to be much less expensive, $149.99. The site is: store.compostguide.com/grub-composting.html. Good Luck.


    • Bentley
    • September 9, 2008

    Thanks Bob!

    • Phil from Brisbane
    • July 2, 2010

    Did anyone source a design for a DIY Biopod?

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