Used Jet Worm Harvester

I recently received an email from Veronica G., asking me if I might be able to let RWC readers know about the “lightly used” worm harvester she has for sale. What’s funny is that a good friend of mine had asked me just a short time before receiving Veronica’s email if I happened to know where she might be able to find a used harvester (strangely enough, she tracked one down on her own almost right away). Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some other RWC readers (a bit more serious about their worm farming activities) thinking about potentially purchasing one of these, so I’m more than happy to help Veronica get the word out about it.

***IMPORTANT UPDATE: Veronica was able to find a buyer quite quickly, so the harvester is no longer available***

Here is the pertinent info Veronica provided me with:

Jet Worm Harvester


Model 2420

2-36 Inch Screens

103 Inches Long (8 ½ ft)

36 Inches Wide

41 Inches High w/o Legs

Weight-130 lbs.

Aluminum Loading Chute

Aluminum Paddles

1 Additional Screen

If you go to the website, you can see the model 2420 that I purchased. You will also see that with the loading chute, aluminum paddles and 1 additional screen that the MSRP is $3,676.00.

I am asking $1800 for my harvester. It was very lightly used (about 10 times), I purchased it brand new, have been the only user and it has been stored almost exclusively inside. If anyone is interested or wants to make me an offer, please let me know. I live in Stoutland, Missouri and will do my best to help make pick-up or delivery as easy and inexpensive as possible.

If you are interested and/or you would like to see some more pictures (close-ups), just drop me a line and I’ll help you get connected with Veronica.

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    • John in Huntington Beach
    • May 11, 2011

    For a great video of one of these machines in action, go to

  1. Thanks so much for all the great information on this site about composting with worms. It has now been 3+ years since we added worms under our rabbit cages and there are tons of worms. We started with a pound and now they are everywhere. They love the rabbit waste and we love have the fertilizer for our garden. I come here often to check in and see what new tricks you are sharing.

    Kevin Pearson

    • Cristy
    • November 20, 2011

    Do you know if this is still available? I cannot believe I didn’t see this until now.

    • Cristy
    • November 20, 2011

    oh, never mind…just re-read and saw the NOTICE in red. Darn! 🙁 I’m in the market if you come across another one!

    • Ray Jennings
    • April 3, 2012

    I am looking for a EZ Harvester, I beleive it was made in MN. It was all steel construction with variable speed drive. Thanks Ray

    • David Hernandez
    • July 27, 2015

    Im looking for a cheap worm harvester so I can never worry about a worm egg or worms getting in the castings

    • Bentley
    • August 7, 2015

    David – I have yet to come across a harvester that can sift out cocoons (other than Euro and maybe ANC cocoons, that is), unfortunately.

    • Aaron
    • September 11, 2015

    I have a harvester that separates worms, cocoons, and castings that I am looking to part with since I’m not using anymore. It looks/operates very similar to the UNCO Mark 8 worm harvester. If anyone is interested let me know and maybe we can work something out. Thanks

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