UWB – Thank-You!


Thanks very much for buying your Urban Worm Bag(s)from Red Worm Composting!

Your package should be on the way fairly soon (please expect 1-3 days turn-around time before shipment – potentially longer if this was ordered during any sort of special sale/event or just before the weekend). We want to get the package to you as quick as we can, but every now and again the shipping elves might get bogged down a bit (lol), so your patience is greatly appreciated!

Just so you know, these purchases help to “fund” the continued development of this website (and related projects), so be assured that I appreciate you and want to do what I can to help you get more out of your vermicomposting efforts!

On a related note, this purchase includes “lifetime” e-mail support. Maybe even some other goodies – depending on what and when you ordered!

You should have been added to a special UWB e-mail list (emails will come from “Compost Guy”) so please keep an eye out for a welcome message (and check SPAM or under your “Promotions” (Gmail) if you don’t receive anything). Getting on this list is important since it will be my primary means of communicating with RWC Urban Worm Bag owners.

I myself am now an active and passionate UWB user, so I definitely want to keep everyone in the loop about my own progress with the system.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email me via:

(For customers only – please don’t share with others)

If you want to do some UWB reading while you wait, be sure to check out the Urban Worm Bag blog category (newer posts will appear first)!

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